Welcome to Fluent Mail

Email… Done

Simplify your life with Fluent Mail. Fast, efficient, and elegantly designed, Fluent Mail is the email app for anyone who wants to spend less time on email and more time on life. Supporting popular email services including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, IMAP and POP3, Fluent Mail is email…done.

Read your email without leaving the inbox with Quick Views.

Quick View lets you glimpse the body of an email directly from within the inbox. Tap the header of any email to expand or collapse the Quick View. Swipe the Quick View and you've got a full menu of features to manage the email. Mark emails as "read" with just one tap on the header.

Swipe-to-Manage lets you triage emails more easily.

We've put everything at your fingertips. Reply, Forward, Move, Flag and more without leaving your inbox. You can swipe to access the action menu from the regular window or within the Quick View. Adjust the action menu to be on the right or left depending on your preference.

Mute Non-essential Email.

You don't want to stop receiving those email newsletters, deals or chatty email threads about plans for the weekend. But you also don't need them so visible in your inbox or always displaying new message notifications, distracting you from more essential email. Muting the sender minimizes the presence and turns off notifications of email from them as long as you like.

See only what you want to see with Filter Views.

Fluent Mail gives you a convenient group of preset filters to quickly get to a list of your flagged or unread emails, or all emails with attachments.